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Hello Mr. Polidori,
I hope you can help. Today I bought a can of cheese the spray kind Easy Cheese is the name. My son had never tried it and asked me to buy it. In the store the can I believe was fine and saw no dents. After we opened and ate it, my son notice two very small dents on the can, very small.  We didn't see them before and should I worry. I always remember hearing since I was small, never eat from a dented can. The cheese tasted fine actually good, and it says pasteurized on the can if that makes a difference. Should I be scared? Thank you.

Hi Carol,

Nope, a few dents in the can are not an indication of problems.  The only time you would be concerned about physical damage to a can is if it leaked or bulged.

If you have or find a can that looks like it is bulging please bring that can to the attention of the store manager.  A bulging can indicates that pressure has built up inside and that means something is growing in there!!

If gas escapes from a can or jar when you open it that is also a bad thing.  Jar tops usually have that indentation that pops out when you open it.  If pressure builds up inside the jar that depression will bulge out instead.

Now about eating that processed spray cheese.... try looking through the answers to other questions people have asked food science experts about processed foods and that will help you choose healthy foods for you and your family.

I happen to be at my sister's house and found a can of that spray cheese in her pantry.  Her husband is addicted to it and uses it on Cheese-Itz.  Wrong wrong wrong....  I keep telling him but he won't listen...  The processed foods are something we have become used to over the decades they have been available.  Since we seem to be fine and sated after eating them we have become comfortable with them.  But the problems they cause creep up on us.

Because they have lost a lot of their nutritive value we end up eating larger quantities as our bodies tell us we haven't eaten enough or gotten the right stuff (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids).  This helps to get us overweight (along with a lack of exercise common among us Americans).

Processed foods also contain the sugars and salts (needed to make this stuff taste good) and the big three - preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial colors that we should never put into our bodies.

It takes some effort to get this eating thing right, Carol, but if you make the effort to read about it online or purchase some books on the subject of eating right with whole foods you can get your family as healthy as they can be and help to protect the environment from the metal and plastic necessary to pressurize processed spray cheese.

A couple of other things to avoid; Genetically engineered foods and foods treated with radiation (irradiated foods). The best way to avoid both of those really big problems is buying organic, but that does add a lot to the food budget.  Irradiated foods are labeled, but the FDA is allowing the gene altered foods (GMO, Genetically Modified Organisms) into our supermarkets and onto our plates by not labeling them.

I hope you are already doing the whole food thing and this spray cheese is just a one time snack experiment.

Hoping you and yours are healthy,
Please ask follow-ups if you want to,
Michael Polidori  

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