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QUESTION: I am from buffalo, NY and although we have a factory locally that makes Cheerios I was wondering how they are made that makes them unique? I have tried generic brands that try to replicate Cheerios, but those are generally harder on the teeth and don't taste nearly the same. How are Cheerios made? Why are they so light and chowy in milk?

ANSWER: James,
    I am sure this is a General Mills trade secret.  I would not be comfortable telling you even if I knew.


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QUESTION: Not comfortable tell me? Hardly the types of secrets that would keep someone at a terminal in Russia. lol. A friend of mine said they use a hose to spray the batch with enrichments. lol. Kind of a funny visual.

     Do not take trade secrets lightly.  They often are worth a lot of money and the company will protect them with expensive lawsuits.  From a overview obviously cheerios are made from a dough containing oats and then extruded to form the shape.  They are then cooked or toasted to give the browning and the flavor.  I hope this is helpful.


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