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andres pefia wrote at 2014-07-08 12:12:09
Microwaves alter the molecular structure of foods. They destroy much of the nutrients and cause many other problems with the immune system over a period of time.  

Michael Polidori wrote at 2014-07-29 23:02:42
Hi Andres,

As I stated in my answer, micorwaves alter food in the same way that any means of cooking by heat alters food.

When you boil or fry an egg the clear egg whites become opaque. This is due to molecular changes in the egg caused by heat.

If you have any information that shows microwave radiation damaging our foods in ways other than as I mentioned in my answer, please post that information here. I welcome new information that corrects any misconceptions or mistatements of facts I have or have made.

Any type of cooking destroys varying amounts of heat-sensitive nutrients, as I stated in my answer. High-heat cooking, repeated cooking or re-heating destroys more heat-sensitive nutrients.

I think you may be confusing microwave cooking (preparing or re-heating foods) with food irradiation (a fraudulent attempt at "cold pasteurization" of raw foods with radioactive substances).

Food irradiation is VERY bad for our foods and will definitely alter the molecular structure in ways that cooking does not and cannot.

Irradiation destroys molecules, ALL molecules that the radioactive particles hit. This produces a new class of never-before-seen-in-our-foods substances called "radiolytic compounds". These cannot be produced through conventional or microwave cooking.

Food irradiation is promoted by corporate CEOs and boards (like those at Titan Corporation of San Diego) who want to profit by treating all of our food in massive irradiation facilites to "purify" it.

Getting this approved and then mandated through our governments and regulatory agencies will cause much more harm to our health than any inadvertent or intentional contaminations of our food supplies. The poisons irradiation creates within our foods won't wash off or be made harmless by cooking.

Additionally, irradiation is no guarantee of food safety due to re-contamination that will occur when food leaves irradiation facilities. Irradiation levels high enough to kill all organisms would make the food inedible, demonstrating the damaging effects radiation causes. Organisms that survive irradiation may go on to create a class of lifeform resistant to the effects of radiation, if that can happen.

Nor can anyone agree where irradiation should take place - Near farms, 1st stage shipping centers, distribution centers, canning companies or even at supermarkets.

Food irradiation will cause food prices to go up, nutrition to go down, hazardous substances in our foods to be created and cannot protect against subsequent re-contamination after the food has left the irradiation facility.

Irradiation facilities will, for the most part, use radioactive waste from our nuclear power generators, Cesium 123. There are other methods talked about for food irradiation, but if you properly question regulatory authorities or industry spokes people, they have to admit that the vast majority of food irradiation facilities will use radioactive waste materials.

Initially, food prices would increase modestly, then % increaes will climb. Irradiating all or most of our food supply will net food irradiation facilites immense profits... none of which will be set aside for the eventual clean-up costs.

Corporations involved in food irradiation profits will file bankruptcy when the clean-ups begin, leaving it to the EPA and American taxpayers to pay the deferred penalties on an unecessary and fraudulent food safety practice.

The massive clean-up costs down the road will include residual radioactive waste, radioactive facilities and irradiated equipment that will have to be dismantled and safely disposed of. there may be contamination of soil and ground water at the facilities or downwind/down-stream from them, or radioactive pollution carried in the air...

Please post that information here about microwaves damaging food in ways that conventional cooking doesn't. I'l be very interested in reading it.

As always,

In the interests of Truth and Science,

For the protection of children,

Michael Polidori

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