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Could you please list for me the health benefits of these fruits and vegies?

oriental persimmon, papaya, parika, parsely, parsley root, parsnip, passion fruit, peach, plum, peas, pear, pecan, pepper, pineapple, pomegranate, potato, sweet potato, pumpkin, radish, raspberry

Hi Nathan,

Answering this would be a long involved process. Additionally you could have just as easily asked for a hundred different foods instead of nineteen. So I need some clarification as to what you are trying to get this information for, and hopefully find out what information you are truly searching for.

It appears you want a lot of information about many different food types (grouped in a non-inclusive alphabetical order). There are a variety of places on the internet to get a list of nutrients in a variety of foods and then compare what is claimed to be in them and for what purpose the nutrients serve in getting us to a state of health.

Here are two websites that can help answer the general question you have asked -
These webpages are from the same site and give background information about various fruits and vegetables as well as displaying the USDA nutrition guides for each.

Here is a webpage of links to many different sources for information that you seem to want -

I tried to find a government webpage at the USDA regarding nutrition content of fruits and vegetables, but ran into a couple of viruses and difficulty navigating through a maze of links.

Whatever standard or combination of standards or measurements you accept there is one caveat I can give you that will apply to ANY decision you make.

ANY food crop that is genetically modified (GE, GMO, GM) for herbicide resistance (Herbicides like Round-Up sprayed directly on our food crops) and/or insect "resistance" (TWO or more insecticides growing in the food, robbing nutrients through diversion of plant resources) are food crops that will be horribly contaminated as well as nutrient deficient. You should never eat GMO, but unfortunately our FDA doesn't require a label (as Europeans and MANY other countries do) so it is impossible to tell which major food crops have been modified.

Here are some guides to help you choose genuine food crops and products -

Whole Foods Market - Non-GMO Project Verified Products List

Non-GMO Shopping Guide - as recommended by Dr Oz, CBS News, Oprah & more

Website where you can find download links to get the shopping guide loaded into your computer or your iPhone ( )

Buy organic if you can afford it, limit your processed food intake and avoid all artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, high fructose corn syrup, PGPR (a cocoa butter substitute and a form of Ricin added to cheap chocolate and margarines), anything with added corn or soy, and all soy products.

If these links don't answer your questions Nathan, please better describe what you are looking for or want to ask and follow up with me.

Thanks for your interest,
Michael Polidori

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