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Hi Sir,
After having the idea and before making a business plan (is it required?). What shall i know/consider before entering the food industry.
PS: Location : Africa - Standard : 2-3 stars
Thank You

Whenever you enter the business arena, become a student of the subject. In this case, the restaurant industry has the highest casualty rates of almost any type of industry. My suggestion is for you to get a job in a restaurant. Work and watch how the business runs. Take note of all important details and remember the things that appear wrong.

A business plan is for structure and guidance - it wont make you or break you, but it could save you thousands of dollars and many man hours of planning and thinking when you should be running your business. A business plan is a must for lenders and investors.

The best tip I can give is this - don't tell me you are going to have good food, don't tell me you don't have much cash and don't tell me you don't have a marketing plan and don't tell me you are going to give good service - I have heard all of this from every restaurant that opens! What are you doing different??

You can have the best food in the world and the greatest service, but if you haven't done your marketing homework, few people will ever know how "good" you could have been before you closed your doors.

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