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Mr. Edger i appoligize.Going  to go to church ,got in a hurry. I was just wondering it,s worth ,maybe age,just maybe any thing in to a response of selling it  or just knowing about it,s heritage you my say .I may keep it. My dad had it but passed away with bladder cancer.Just should i hang on to it?I,m not sure about the information so i,ll try to inform you. I took this information off the 2-16-13.It is a globe meat saw,STIMPSON COMPUTING SCALE CO.MO.-79-D,AMP-14.6,VOLT - 115,H.P.THREE QUARTER,CISA APP NO 12581,CYCLES-60,9-11143,LOUISVILLE,KY.    MOTOR,SERIAL-3724485,RPM-1725,VOLT 115-230,DYNA,BROWN BUCKMEYER COMPANY,DATONA,OHIO,,ELECTRIC

You have a very old meat saw. Unfortunately, there were thousands of them sold and many still exist today in the back rooms of processing plants across the nation. Saws like the one you describe were used commonly in small neighborhood butcher shops. Those type of small complete butchering operations have all but disappeared today.

As a side note, there are many of these saws used in the Midwest by shops that process deer for hunters. Small towns in Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and Tennessee will have these seasonal operations.

I really can't give you a value, but a phone call to a nearby used restaurant equipment company may be helpful.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.

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