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QUESTION: In a commercial setting is a hood required for a electric convection oven? I have two being installed in a cafeteria setting (in the kitchen area) and need to know if a hood is required but am having difficulty getting an answer. Specs say: Energy efficient 10.5 KW oven direct forced air heat system, 208v, 60hz. Says UL listed.  In another section on your site, I see reference to UL197, but the link with the extended information does not open for me.  Can you tell me if there is a requirement for this? Or is it strictly up to the AHJ?

ANSWER: Dear Abby:
99% of the time a commercial Type 1 grease extracting hood is required for ALL cooking equipment. The only exception is limited (heavily restricted by most municipalities) to baking of non-grease laden products like cookies. In this application the thermostat is generally limited to a maximum of 350 degrees. Hood exemptions have to be cleared by your local health department/building & safety.
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QUESTION: Thank you for the quick response. Can you tell me what code to reference? This is part of a renovation and hood was not initially part of the project. I need to be able to justify my position that it is required with a specific code if possible.

I'm not sure if I understand your question. If you're looking for an exemption or grand fathering due to a remodel you won't get it under these circumstances. You are obligated to install a hood if you are doing any type of primary cooking/grease-laden products. Each municipality has different codes and requirements: I am not familiar with the codes or requirements for New York since I'm based on the west coast. You can contact your local health department for a manual that will give you the requirements and codes for your area.
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