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I am considering turning my basement into a bakery.  I want to know if I can vent my convection oven through the chimney .  I live in michigan.
Thank you.


Hi Dee:
The answer is "maybe". You may have to have either a galvanized or stainless steel (better) exhaust canopy ("hood") fabricated to capture the heat and exhaust particulate from the oven. That canopy can then be outfitted with an exhaust duct that can be run up the chimney and out of the house. Keep in mind that the city may require further fire proofing of your chimney in this circumstance. You may also be required to provide make-up air to replace the exhaust air that has been removed from your basement.
Unfortunately it is difficult to know the requirements and exceptions allowed for every municipality. If the city asks you to comply completely it could end up costing you upwards of $2,000 per lineal foot of hood space. A standard convection oven is 40" wide and the hood has to extend 6" past the oven on either side for proper capture. That means you'll need a 52" hood (4 1/2 feet x $2,000 = $9,000+). The hood could end up costing you anywhere from $9K to $15K to fabricate and install.
There is another possible solution though. Some municipalities will allow specific brands, like Moffat, of ELECTRIC convection ovens to be used for baking purposes only without a hood. You should go on line and print out info on Moffat and take it to your local health department/building and safety to explain your proposed business venture and see if they will allow this exception. Keep in mind they may still require you to provide make-up air to the basement.
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