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I'm 5'10,160lbs, and I've been moved between 2nd
& 3rd string qb since my junior yr. I'm currently a senior, my football season has ended and I've only had 13 total snaps in a game since my junior year. I have confidence in myself but never really had an opportunity to prove myself because the qb ahead of me was simply better than I was. (He is taking a scholarship to Arizona state, just to prove how good he was) The college I plan on going to has a DII football team. I want to walk on but I fear I don't have enough game experience. I'm confident that I have what it takes mentally but I'm not sure how to go about this.Because the coach would most likely pick someone who was a starter for their school with more game experience over me. how do I go about this? I aslo wanted some advice on workouts i should be doing to get an edge over more college ready QBs.
Thank you for your time.
Sincerely Jon,

Hi Jon,
You are in luck I think I can help you. Here is what I think you should do. Do not pick a school because it is a Division I or II school. Pick a school because it needs a quarterback and it knows how to develop quarterbacks. Norm Chow at the University of Hawaii is the best quarterback coach in the country and he is looking for a quarterback to develop. He has sent more quarterbacks to the NFL than any other coach in the country.

Let me know what happens. And say hi to Coach Norm Chow for me.

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