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QUESTION: While watching Music City Bowl...Vanderbilt lined up and kicked extra point successfully.  On the play North Carolina State was flagged for oughtn't the kicker.  The referee stated the kick was good and penalty refused.  Why was the penalty not assessed on the kickoff?

ANSWER: Robert,

Thanks for the question. I did not see this play, but I did look at the box scores on ESPn and there was no mention of this in the penalty area, but specifically to your point, my question back to you was the actual penality.. "roughing the kicker or "running into the kicker? because in the NCAA rule book they are defined quite differently.

For instance, under Rule 9 Section 1 Article 3 (and 1-V1) there are different circumstances. Roughing is a 15 yard personal fould and running is a 5 yard personal foul. There is also the case where "in the opinion of the ref" (AR 9-1-4-IV) when in the opinion of the ref he (the kicker) had a reasonable time to regain his balance,then there is no penality.

Again not having seen the play, nor the inmfraction listed on the box score, I can only assess the rule stated above was "in the opinion of the ref" was stated by the ref.

Coach Nolan

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Sorry you missed the play...yes I was aware of the 5 and 15 yard penalties depending on running into or roughing the kicker.  The referred clearly announced to everyone in the stadium that North Carolina State was flagged for roughing the kicker...the extra point was good...and the referee said the penalty was declined as the kick was good.  I believe the rule book states on field goals and extra points...the penalty is assessed on the kickoff?

the best I can tell you, is what I know. Here is another Rule and maybe the Vandy coach decided to decline the penalty under this section, and either do a High Right or High Left KO to try and pin NC back instead of kicking the ball through the end zone and having the ball come out on the 25. And you would have to go back to the game film to see what the Vandy coach did on the ensuing KO.

Fouls During Or After A Touchdown, Field Goal Or Try:
ARTICLE 5.  a. Fouls by the nonscoring team during a down that ends in a touchdown.
  1. Penalties for personal fouls are enforced on the try or the succeeding    kickoff, at the option of the scoring team.  If there is no kickoff the accepted    penalty is enforced on the try.  
  2.  Penalties for all other fouls are not enforced on the try or the succeeding    kickoff.  Such penalties are declined by rule unless enforcement is made    possible by illegal touching of a kick during the down.  (A.R. 6-3-2-V and       VII)

Other than that, this is the best I can offer. (Again, I am a former kicker/punter and my overall expertise is in Football Kicking and punting Instructions(I have 5 guys currently kicking in the SEC I have coached) but i also try and keep up with the ever-changing rules in all three venures (HS/College/Pros)

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