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Coach Louis,

      I am a rising sophomore wide receiver. Last year I play on the freshman team as a quarterback because we ran the spread and they needed me to run the ball a lot so I played quarterback. We now have a new coach on our varsity team and he is bringing the pro style offense to our school. I am coming in this year to play receiver and have been working really hard on my game. I have been doing a lot of catching with my dad and brother. I have been given Wide Receiver MVP at 2 of the top camps this year and have been given fastest man at 1. Running a 4.63 as a freshman is considered pretty quick in Georgia. I also bench 185 which isn't bad considering I am only a freshman. I have also been reading a lot of books on fundamentals to get me caught up with the advanced receivers.
         I am wondering if there are any drills I can do at home on my own, particularly to help my catching and route-running. I am running for a wide receiver spot on a high school team that has 2 D1 receivers. Any help would be great!

Thanks and best regards

Hi David,
It sounds like you are doing all the right things. Here are a few web-links that might help.

Good luck,

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