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Coach Nolan,

I have played soccer since I was 5 years old. You were my u10 coach at Cherokee Redwings. I am now a junior in high school and have decided I would like to kick field goals rather than play soccer. What do you recommend I do this summer to get ready for the upcoming season and maybe a chance at kicking in college?


Hey Sloan.

I hope this finds you well. I don't know if you remember this or not, but I have been training Kickers and Punters for the better part of 32 years, and I do a lot of private training here in the Atlanta area.

If you are "new" to the kicking game the road to maybe getting a chance to play football in college-at this later stage or pretty low #but I also can tell you I had a kid just receive a punting scholarship to Georgia Military College that I worked with for the past years, who had not played before-so it does happen#.

The road for you #I am not sure if you are at Darlington or somewhere else#this Summer will be one that you will really need to get into high gear. For starters, I would recommend you purchase #or have your HS coach give you 3-4 footballs #Wilson GST's are very good# and then I would recommend you go on line to Wizard Kicking and seek out Mike Doan- who is the owner there and a good friend of mine and order some kicking "sticks" a one inch block for starters. The website is If you would like to speak with me about how I can help let me know. My website is and my cell phone is 678-200-7540. I train about 26 kids here in the local area, and have many others nationwide I train through my video analysis portal. I can also reccommend some of my buddies #Jamie Kohs, Chris Sailer, Micheal Husted and Mike McCabe-who have kicking compeition camps locally (as I do as well# but first you will need to really understand just how difficult a transition it is from kicking a soccer ball to kicking a football #I just started working with Connor Moore-if you know him and he was surprised#

Regards, and good luck this week with finals!

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