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I am trying to find someone to give some private kicking lessons to my son so he can try out for freshman high school football next year. He has played soccer but now he wants to play football. I would even settle for a high school player to maybe just give some tips. I am striking out and we are running out of time.  Can you please point us in a direction.  We are in Reno, Nevada and the closest camps are in San Francisco or San Diego.  Thank you for your time.

Hello Lisa.

I am glad to see how I can help. I work with a bunch of former NFL Kickers and Punters through an organization called the National Camp Series. There is a local guy in Reno (but I d not know him personally- but Michael Husted who runs NCS knows him very well) and if he this guy is part of the NCA family, then I would think he will be great for your son!

He said he is a good local instructor and his name is  Adam Lenon. His e-mail is

I don't have is phone number, but if you would like to send me you contact details I can pass it on to him as well.

Lastly, if you go to the National Camp Series website ( you will see they have an upcoming 2 day event starting on February 14 and 15th, and costs about 400.00- but I can tell you having done this camp- on several occasions, and being a Dad of a current D-1 Kicker in college it is one of the finest camps in the US and your son with get more one on one training in this camp like no one else can do!

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your son!


Coach Nolan

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