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Hi! I'm a 6th grade student doing a Genius Hour project in my class. I'm doing my project on football, and I have to interview an expert.  Could you answer some of these questions for me? Thank you!

What is the pressure of being a professional athlete?
In your opinion, do you like the sport of football and why do you like it?
On a scale of 1~10 what would you rate the sport? Also explain why you gave the sport of Football, that rating.
Why do you think professional football players keep playing football throughout their lives?

Hello Connor,

First, let me apologize for the  delay in my answer.

There are various answers to your questions, so I didn't want my answers to only be from my personal experiences, but also from a few athletes that I know. Mainly because there can be so many reasons why people play, their pressures and why it's so hard to walk away.

Some of the pressures of being a professional athlete are: Staying healthy; continuing to perform at a high level; maintaining a healthy family life; managing finances;overcoming injuries; preparing for when it's time to walk-away. Football is very demanding, physically and mentally.

I love the game of football. It is fun, exciting and so many lessons learned in playing football can be applied to every-day life.

I rate football an 8. That is my overall rating of football. But, understand that anytime you can do exactly what you love and make a living from it, it is a "10". I rate it an 8 because it has been a part of my life since I was a little kid, as well as it has been for most that have played. A dream come true to play it professionally.

Most players keep playing out of sure love for the game. Understand that for most, it's all that they know. So, it's hard to walk from something that has been a part of your life for so long.

Thank you for allowing Allexperts the opportunity to answer your question. I hope I was able to help you, with my answers.

Arthur Anderson

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