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I'm currently in my sophomore year of highschool and I run year round at my school(cross country, indoor and outdoor track). However, I've always wanted to play football but I always did some other sport. I'm looking for a sport to commit to and pursue into college. I'm 5ft 9in, and 143 pounds. I lift, but its more endurance based so my arms are not by any stretch of the imagination big. I've played football with friends before and above average for someone who's never played but I don't have anything close to spectacular talent. I Know the basics about football positions and what their jobs are. Is there a chance for me to go from a runner like me to a successful football player? If it's possible what position would a current runner be best at? I'm not afraid of hard work, and pain is nothing new to me. I understand that it will be hard and very overwhelming at first, but its something I'm willing to go through.

Hello Nick,

As it would be tough for me to recommend a position without seeing you "work", there is a chance for people to be successful at things they have never done, including football. In this situation, the best advice I could offer, is for you to tryout for the team. Coaches are real good at finding the best position for players. Not only for that player, but also the best position in which, that player can help the team.

I hope I was able to at least help you a little bit. Again, without me being there to put you through drills and such, it would be hard for me to recommend a position.

Thank you for choosing ALLExperts for you football questions. Good Luck. Give us some feed back, let us know how we are doing.

~Arthur Anderson

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