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QUESTION: I was wondering. My NFL team really sucks this year. Are there stats someone could use to rate teams that isn't directly related to wins/losses? My team seems to be able to get down the field, but we always turn over right before we score any points most of the time. It seems like there should be a way to give a team credit for what they are able to do, and in particular if the final score is a difference of very few points. Quite possibly just a field goal which naturally there isn't much anyone can prevent.

ANSWER: James,

The beauty of football is that a fan can see whatever they wish to see when it comes to the play of their favorite team.

There are countless statistical compilations on thousands of websites that you can find online to validate your supposition about your team.

Surf the web and ask Google or Yahoo about your team and see what comes up.

Happy holidays,
Jim Considine

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QUESTION: Where should I look for a teams average game point spread and average points scored versus scored for other team?

If you type "(insert team name) average game point spread and average points scored versus scored for other team" into your web browser, you will get plenty of answers.
You might want to try to find one thing at a time so as to get a more focused answer.

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The subject of my expertise pertains to "American Football", as opposed to "Futball" or the game we refer to as soccer in the USA. --------------------------------------------------------- I can answer statistical questions about professional football. I am especially strong on the subject of the BALTIMORE COLTS from 1947 through 1983, Washington Redskins, and the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League. My services are best used when an older, obscure question is posed. The newer NFL records are easily accessible through I do not appraise memorabilia. I am not an expert on Canadian Football, though I will take a shot at any questions you might pose. I have a good understanding and recall of the folklore about Baltimore football. Some of this information may be subjective in nature. I will give the best answer possible if this is the case.


I am former NFL Statistician with the Washington Redskins. I grew up during the days of the Baltimore Colts in the 1960's. (Please refer to the movie "Diner" for more information about the Baltimore Colts fans)

Washington Redskins Statistician, 2005-2010 Baltimore Ravens, 1996-2003

The records were used by author Jon Morgan in his book, "Glory For Sale". The records have been part of the Baltimore Ravens Media Guides since their inaugural season in 1996. I was interviewed for the cover story of The Press Box, a local, monthly sports tabloid newspaper.

I researched and was able to piece together the statistical history of the AAFC Baltimore Colts 1947-49, and the 1950 NFL Colts. This information was used by The Baltimore Ravens for their 1996 Media Guide. The records were entitled "Baltimore Football Records". It was considered "unofficial" since the AAFC league records were not incorporated with the NFL records when the leagues merged. The reason that this information was created was due to the fact that the NFL had prohibited the 1996 Baltimore Ravens from bringing the records, colors, and team name from the Cleveland Browns. The Baltimore football records were presented in order to create a frame of reference. The Ravens have kept these records since 1996, adding and amending as the Ravens football team challenge these records.

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I was awarded two game balls from the Ravens and was recognized for my work as the top game day employee.

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