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1962 Colts roster
1962 Colts roster  
My brother and I grew up in Baltimore in the late 50's /early 60's, and we were wild about the Colts. In a recent meandering conversation, the name of Constantine Theokis came up, and we both think he was a football player of the time. With spelling being a potential complication, I can't find any reference to him on the internet. Can you help? Do you know/remember Constantine Theokis?

I have attached a scan of the roster of the 62 Colts, apparently from pre-season. Not sure where it came from, but they include a Chuck Theokas, who i have discovered was subsequently the AD at Temple. Any possibility that his given name was Constantine, but they called him Chuck?

Any help would be much appreciated.


Hello.  Well, we come from the same roots.  I think my first year as a blue blooded Colt fan was 1963.

I believe I can answer your question without too much fuss.  I checked both spellings of Theokis or Theokas without any luck.  Matter of fact, there are only three NFL players in the history of the league whose name begins with T-H-E ...

    Joe Theismann          QB        1974-1985
    Ryan Thelwell          WR        1998-1998
    Harry Theofiledes       QB        1968-1968

The source for this information is These folks are the consumate source for football information.

The reason you probably cannot find "Constantine" or "Chuck" is because he did not make the team.  He was probably a free agent, and did not make the regular season roster.  This sends him to the abyss when it comes to tracking his football history.

I checked the 1962 Colt draft picks and he is not listed.  
The URL is

The Pro Football Reference is a great site.  While looking for your player, I discovered that two of the retired numbers for the San Francisco 49ers, John Henry & R.C. Owens both played for the 1962 Baltimore Colts.  They were carryovers from the AAFC days, so these were their last days in the NFL.  

Temple seems to cherish their pro football players, so a trip through their website may have a search feature for former players.

I am sorry I could not answer your question.  I can recomend a "over-the-top" search method if this information is very important to you.  Please send me a follow-up and I will give you the details on how you can might find out more about Constantine/Chuck Theokis/Theokas.

Best wishes,

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