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Dear Jim

Cricket and Football are Outdoor Games. In Cricket, normally a cricketer retires at the age of 40 years with few exceptions.

Cricket has three versions viz Test Cricket - 5 Day match, One Day International - 50 Overs match completed on the same day, T-20 match - 20 overs match completed on the same day.

Statistically are there football legends who have played football
over the age of 40 years ?.

If yes, can you give me the names of those football legends ?.

Thanks & Regards,
Prashant S Akerkar

George Blanda
George Blanda  
Dear Prashant,

Thank your for the interesting question.  I appreciate the questions in which I learn as much as the person asking the question.

American football players will play on average 6.1 years.  Depending on the the level of success they experience in the league, their career will last longer than average career.
Assuming that they enter the NFL following a college, their average age would be 22 years old.  Consequently, few NFL players cross the 40-year old threshold.

However, your inquiry refers to football "legends" who have played beyond the age of 40. There are very few players who are still playing at the age of 40. The physicality of the game compared to the conditioning of the younger athletes make the NFL a place where 40 year old are a rare sight.  

There is one position that is not physically demanding and that is a kicker.  They simply kick the ball to begin a series of downs, or kick the ball through the goalposts as a scoring mechanism of the game.  It is not unusual for a kicker to remain in the league beyond the age of 40. A punter is another position that would also enhance a player's opportunity for longevity.

I am a little surprised to report that only 59 NFL players have played beyond the age of 40.  The best answer I could find on the internet is that 23,000 people have played in the NFL since 1920.  That would mean that 1 out of every 500 players would play beyond the age of 40.  
[NOTE:  The NFL football players during the first decade rarely played more than three years past college.  The sport back then was considered barbaric and the pay rate was much better in a normal job.]

Of the 59 players ....

18 of the 59 players were Quarterbacks ... 17 of these 18 players were playing as a backup, mentor, or called into service because of an injury.  5 of these players are in the NFL Hall of Fame.  (I am using the membership in the Hall of Fame as the qualification if a player is considered "legendary".  There is one player of the 18 who performed at a very high level and will undoubtedly be voted into the NFL Hall of Fame.  That is Brett Favre.  Unfortunately, when we see that Brett is the only person to play at a high caliber out of the other 17 players, one has to think that performance enhancing drugs may have played a role in his extended career.

11 of the 59 players were kickers. No one from these 11 are in the NFL Hall of Fame.  However, of the 3 kickers who are (in total) in the Hall of Fame, 2 come from the list of 40+ players.  Both players were tasked with playing two positions.  The first is Lou Groza, a defensive tackle and kicker for the Cleveland Browns from 1946-1974.  As Groza grew older, he was exclusively a kicker.  The other is a LEGEND.  This is George Blanda, who retired at age 48.  While in his 40's, he was a backup quarterback and full time kicker.  However, Blanda was called into service as the QB in his final years with the Oakland Raiders, turning in remarkable performances.  At age 48, Blanda was the oldest person to have played in the NFL.

7 of the 59 players were punters.  No one has entered the NFL Hall of Fame whose only position was punter.

Of the remaining 23 players, 7 of these players are in the Hall of Fame.  A couple of them were "hanging on", but for the most part, they made a contribution to their team.

I hope this answers your question.  I will share the URL of the website where most of this information comes from:

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