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curandero wrote at 2012-11-14 03:47:40
I was just browsing youtube for old sit comes,,,looked up Mork and Mindy...I think last time I saw the show was in the 80s...anyways...I was checking out Morks shoes,,,I rock climb and do alpine treking, etc...They seemed like some sort of Approach shoe (I was thinking La Sportiva) I too am trying to figure it out...I would guess,,,some type of Mountaineering shoe from late 70s....

First Flatiron wrote at 2013-08-10 23:26:53
When I moved to Boulder, Colorado, in 1985, my recollection of Mork's shoes returned. Their appearance is very close to the Boreal Fire (accent over the e), a rock climbing shoe described as "influential" in this article by Outside Magazine ( The Fire, introduced in 1979, was the first shoe utilizing a sole of sticky Spanish rubber that was instrumental in raising the standards of rock climbing the world over.

Mork's shoes appear to have the red Boreal logo at the ankle, a similar light buff color, and the same red laces. The rand does not sweep up at the toe and heel like the Fire in the Outside article, however. My guess is it's an early version of the Fire or a precursor. Outside says the shoe came out in 1979, and Mork and Mindy premiered in '78.

It makes sense that Robin Williams might have been checking out the sights in Boulder, might have stumbled into one of Boulder's three stores that sold mountaineering gear, and might have decided that Boreal climbing shoes should be part of his costume. Or maybe Pam picked them out for him.

An authoritative answer on what these shoes are and how they ended up on Mork's feet would certainly be more fun. I apologize for not having this right now.

Shazbot wrote at 2014-11-05 15:56:10
I am also searching for the make of Mork's sneakers he wore in the show. I have managed to find a better screen cap of part of the logo on the side.



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