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Footwear/shoe stretching


QUESTION: I have a pair of leather shoes with a zipper in the heel. They are slightly to tight in the heel and I would like to stretch them. Is it possible to stretch the heel with a functioning zipper or does the zipper intefere with that.


I think its possible to use a stretcher without damaging the zipper. The zipper is usually sew to the upper, so it will will accompany the stretch that you do.
There are a number of stretchers on the market - i attach a picture for example - I think this can do the trick.

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QUESTION: The shoes I have are high heels. I read somewhere that a stretcher can't be used to lengthen a high heel shoe. Is that correct?


I think its also possible to use a stretcher to increase length.

Ive found this very useful site that describes the process

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