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QUESTION: I walk on concrete a lot and am in pain what is the best footwear to wear for walking on concrete.I use dr scholls insoles but they wear out fast then sneakers but still pain what gives?


You should look for footwear with good shock absorption on the heel region and with a lightweight sole. There are many brands on the market that offer that kind of sole. A thick sole, made of light materials, that has shock absorption properties. Im particular fun of a brand called Rockport, but there are many others, it will depend on your personal taste and on the money you are willing to spend.
But again, the key is shock absorption.

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QUESTION: Any specific model you recommend also the insoles how often should they be.replaced?or even for the footwear for that matter?


The link below is just a idea. You might not like them, but you should consider in finding similar characteristics in terms of comfort.

Regarding replacement it all depends on the footwear and insoles wear. There is not a fixed duration, it will all depend on the amount of time you wear the shoes.

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