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Ford/1992 Ford 150 ?ECM or PCM


vinny wrote at 2013-06-24 18:05:42
it is on the drivers side and you will see a much shorter and wider plug next to the unter the break booster the ecu is kind of a pain to get out because you cant pull it out through the cab i did mine that way and bent the support holing the ecu the book wants you to pull the inner plastic fender out or wheel well what ever you call it and pull it straight out you can pull it trough the cab the hood release has to be unscrews from the interior panel and the panel needs to come off you cn bend the tab if needed supporting the ecu then you can put it right back the dealership trying to charge you that much is crazy autozone has the ecu and they will take your old one thats where i got mine and the grand total was about 110$ hope this helps you  


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