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Ford/wont start when cold


QUESTION: 02 ford focus SVT wont start when cold, after about 3 hours.  Replaced the fuel pump driver module, spark plugs, fuel filter, 02 sensors.

ANSWER: Hi Dana, have you had this car scanned for codes ?? if so can you let me know what they are. there's a couple things I want you to check. first, cycle the key to the on position for 10 seconds cycle it off then do the same five more times and let me know if it starts. if it doesn't. remove the crankshaft sensor. very easy to do and inspect it for damage. try this and get back to me

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: We checked the codes, and it is still coding for both 02 sensors (but those codes were not cleared after their replacement).  We replaced the engine coolant sensor (a friend suggested this). We also replaced the premium plugs with E3 platinum plugs (which we believe it had in it last winter).  Where is the crankshaft sensor? We could not find it, even after searching the web. As far as the cycling of the key position,  I forgot the number of times, I did it 10 times for 10 opposed to the 6. Will this matter?

ANSWER: Hi , sorry for not getting back quicker.. Shop is a little busy. so after doing the cycling thing, did it help start cold ? the crank shaft sensor is located on either of two places on that motor, either directly on top of the transmission, its a two wire connector where the trans meets the bell housing or just behind the crankshaft pull on the left side of crankshaft if looking at the engine. have you tried a quick shot of starting fluid when cold and see if car starts right up ?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It didn't start after the cycling thing, nor when we did the starting fluid.  We replaced the coil pack and the crank shaft sensor, still won't start cold.

Hi Dana, what is the ambient temperature where you are ? how long has this been going on ? is there a certain time of the day that it will start with no problems ? If the temperatures are extremely cold and will only start when the air temp is warmer, I know this sounds weird , but first, remove the PCM connectors and apply die-electric grease and recheck. If that doesn't help, place a hair dryer towards even against the pcm for 5-10 minutes to warm it up and recheck. The pcm should be located on the pass side front right kick panel


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