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Ford/2000 expedition stalls when in drive


QUESTION: I have a 2000 expedition and while I am at a stop light my car shuts off . I just put a new starter in what could be the problem it never done this till I put a new starter in it .. A garage put it in for me . What could it be and how much would it be to get fixed???

ANSWER: Hello, sorry for getting back to you so late. I have a couple questions, and if you. And answer those I'm sure we can fix this. When slowing down, does the car hesitate then stall or are you just sitting at a light . Everything is good then the car dies ? Also when it dies out, do you lose all electrical power ? ie... Dash lights are all out etc...

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QUESTION: It hesitate than stalls well I mean chugs no I don't lose all power all lights come on

First, the is a vacuum lime that runs to the pcv valve which is located at the back of the air intake . This hose is very common to collapse and cause the exact same concern also when you slow down manually shift it as you slow and see if that helps if it does, it means the torque converter isn't releasing. Check these and get back to me


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