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Ford/Hesitation In Excelleration


QUESTION: When driving and entering the highway and excellorating to move out on the highway the power drops.  Is this a sign of bad gas or what? I filled up yesterday but this problem only occurred after driving several miles today.

ANSWER: Hi I need to know the year make and model of vehicle

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QUESTION: Thank you!  I have a 1999 Lincoln Towncar. I am the only owner of this vehicle.
Also, when turning on the AC there is a delay before the compressor kicks on.
Can you give me an answer to both questions?
Brenda Miller

more than likely you either have a bad ignition coil or this vehicle may have plug wires. do you happen to know ? they came with plug wires and 2 coil packs and also individual coils on each cylinder. go to your local auto parts store and ask them, also ask if they will read the codes for you. most of the time they will do this for free and get back to me. as far as your a/c, the system is probably a little low. these vehicle were know for the a/c condenser to get damaged from road debris and leak a little. one of those do it yourself kits added to the system from your local walmart should fix that


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