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This this in response to the question I previously asked about my Ford 150 that after a brief trip, It would turn over, but not start.  I asked if it could be vapor lock even with it being fuel injected.  It is a 6 cylinder with dual gas tanks.  Have to wait about 3 to 5 hours before it will crank again.  This is the second time it done this, but there is maybe 6 months in between of when it does it.  Thanks Marc

Hi, I have been unable to log in so I apologize. I'm not sure if vapor locking could be an issue. That usually happens in high ambient temperatures but can be solved as easily as removing the gas cap while cranking it over. What I might suggest is possible the check valve in the fuel pump is sticking open not allowing pressure to build. You can check this when it doesn't start by cycling the key from the off position to the on position for 7-8 seconds and repeat this 4 times. If the vehicle starts right up, then you know the problem. Also, if you could check because they changed the design and not sure which you have. If you look at the distributor cap, there should be a 2-3" grey module mounted to the base of it. This is the ignition module, they were also very common to cause the issue your explaining . The module gets hot and fails. After cooling down, it will work again . Not sure how to attach an image but if you google your truck and the work thick film ignition module, it will show you a picture. They are fairly inexpensive and only two 5.5mm screws holding it in. You will need a deep 1/4 drive 5.5mm socket to remove it .  


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