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Ford/1998 Mazda B-3000 blower motor


I have a 1998 Mazda B-3000 and the heater/ac blower motor recently quit working. I have checked all the fuses, the relay, and replaced the resistor , all to no avail! One odd thing I have noticed is that when I am at speed it seems to be that the blower is working because I can feel the cold air of the air conditioning coming out of the vents whereas I can feel none when the truck is at rest. Any ideas or advice would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, so you haven't replaced the blower motor yet ? With the switch in the high position, lightly tap on the bottom of the blower motor located on the pass side. It may start working !! If so replace it. If not place a voltmeter between the two pins at the blower motor connector. It should read between 10-12 volts on high . If it does , replace the blower motor


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