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Hi Brian, I have a 2002 F150 SCab. It has approx 130,000 miles. I have been having intermittent starting problems. All signs point towards the PCM relay. It has the blinking Theft Light and the odometer with the dashes--------. It cranks and will not start at times. It will now stall while driving. My question is other than replacing the relay is there anything else that I should do. I have heard of cleaning terminals and tightening connectors on the bottom of the fuse panel. Can you give me any other suggestions to complete this repair?

Hi, so the instrument clusters on these vehicles were known for poor contacts at the connector on the back of them and or the cluster just stop working intermittently due to bad solder joints internally. As far as the relays, it's easy enough to swap the PCP relay with say the a/c relay and see if the problem goes away. So, when and if the cluster gives you the dashes at the odometer, I know it sounds bad, but hit the dash above it and see if the cluster comes back. If it does, remove the cluster , apply die-electric grease at the connectors and recheck. Swap and or replace the PCM and fuel pump relays with known good ones. Try this and get back to me.  


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