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Ford/'08 Ford Ranger Sport 4.0 Heater/Air Conditioner


I drove 100 miles and the heater/air conditioner worked fine. On the return trip the next day, the temperature control would not adjust the only provided warm air. In addition, the air flow direction control also stopped working. My questions are:

1 Do you have an idea what's wrong?

2 Is this something I could repair myself?

Thanks in advance...

Hi I would like to help you but need to ask a question . I need you to lower your glove box down, do this by squeezing the edges of the box while open and it will pull down . Once this is done, you should see the air box with a little small box ( the blend door motor ) with a small connector going to it.  While turning the heater knob from hot to cold, put your hand on this electric motor and see if you can fe it moving. If you have trouble finding this little motor on the air box, you can google how to change my blend door actuator on my 2008 ranger you should be able to find a good you tube  video  


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