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Ford/brake light and anti-lock brake warning lights


JR wrote at 2006-09-03 18:13:15
I have the same problem, but aotozone can not check cars older than 1996.

Gooch wrote at 2009-04-09 12:04:29
Autozone will not clear any codes that are set in the ecm.

You can however disconnect the negative lead on the battery for 20 minutes, then hook it back up. It will clear any codes set in the ecm. If the light comes back on and remains on, there is definitely an issue associated with the braking system.

Ryan wrote at 2014-08-25 02:25:47
I fixed mine by looking at the lines that go to the wheels. One was pinched between the rear springs. Once I moved it and fired up the truck the light went out for anti lock brakes.


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