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jeff wrote at 2012-11-27 10:12:40
Take the glass out, 4 screws with the special star type screwdriver.  Then you can see the guides.  If they are broken either buy the $135 repair kit (aluminum guides now) online or do what I did.  Instead of taking down the headliner and sunroof frame and spending all day repairing just cut a groove with a drill bit on both sides of the guide, enough to form a little channel.  Mix up some jb weld and cut a 6 inch piece of bailing wire and wrap it all the way around the guide, twist together with a pair of plyers till tight and bend down the excess.  Put a small dab of JB Weld over the wire and allow it to dry.  It works, takes about 2 hours to do this and should last forever.  

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