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Bruce Kohler wrote at 2014-11-21 11:47:12
The E-350 I just finished... Left bank---All intake push rods were bent. One of those broke in half and the halves were laying in the Valley. Couldn't figure out the shake it had,when running.

proceeded to ask the owner how long it had been sitting. When he replied SIX-YEARS... first thing I did was remove the Valve Covers. Found the Push-Rod problem. Since it sat for those years in Arizona Desert spot I can only figure... the Intense Sun beat down on the left  side of the engine (Dog House Removed), baking the residue in the Valve Guides and Carbon build-up, seizing the Valves enough the push-rods couldn't budge the Valves.

   With the rocker arms flopping at will, I held them in their normal position and tap on rocker (valve side) until I felt the valve move, thus freeing it from it's seized position. They stuck intermittently on restart but, once the engine warmed up they were "Rockin & Rolling" once again.

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