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Ford Repair/1997 Ford F 250 Heavy Duty Truck (Fuses and Glow Plugs)


Thank you in advance Dennis. So happy to have found this site and will be even happier if I can somehow fix this darn truck. While driving down highway the truck suddenly shut power at all. Discovered a burned out 30 amp fuse.I also unhooked the battery cables so that the comp. would reset itself.Low and behold it started. Then after parking for a day I restarted without the glow plug wait time and it fired up.Started a second time and nothing.......won't fire. Checked that darn fuse again and it was blown.Put another one in tried restarting (without removing battery cables this time and nothing....won't fire.)Unplugged battery cables again,let it sit for a couple hours.Reconnected cables and away she went. Drove it,then shut down and guess what happened when I started it again....fuses getting expensive. Could it be the glow plugs need replacing or the relay or........????????? Thanks again.....I still have some hair left on my head. Katie.

Knowing if there are any codes in the PCM would be a big help. As well as what the fuse that is blowing protects. There is a 30A fuse on both the glow plug relay, and the injector driver module. A fault in either could blow a fuse. Glow plug relays are common failures, look for melted wiring at the relay. Is it on top of the motor, right front. Be sure to disconnect the batteries before changing any parts, the high voltage side could bite hard.

IDM failures are not as common as GP relays, codes would lead to the offending part most likely. Depending on which fuse is blowing, you made need someone who knows this engine well to repair it.  

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