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Ford Repair/2001 Escort-shifter locking up


Hello Brian,

I am a very satisfied returning customer and I'm hoping you can help me once more!?

I have a 2001 Ford Escort SE model; automatic, 2.0 engine size.

The vehicle has been periodically locking the gear shifter in park. There does not appear to be a definitive pattern to this problem but it has increased in frequency quite a bit. At first we thought the problem was linked to burned break light bulbs, however even after replacing them all, the problem persists. I then changed out the break light switch that contacts the pedal. As you can tell by this email,...that failed as well. As it stands now, we are having to use the manual release through the small access hole in the shifters plastic cover using a small screwdriver.

I am at a loss at this point. I am thinking there may be some mechanical issue beneath the shifter cover perhaps? Although a friend of mine had a similar experience with a different brand vehicle and that ended up needing an instrument cluster replaced?

Your guidance and expert input on this would be very much appreciated!!

Thanks in advance for your time and help!

you need to replace the shift lock actuator located under the shifter. you can actually remove it and spray it vigorously with wd-40 and work it back and forth by hand. it is a black rectangle type solenoid with two wires going to it. over time the dirt debris and yes coffe get spilled on the shifter area and this is where it ends up casuing it to stick. you can actually go to " youtube " and type, how to replace the " shifter lock actuator on my 2001 escort" pretty good videos there to help. please keep me posted

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