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Hi Brian,

  I have a 2001 Ford Expedition. 5.4 Ltr. 2 wheel drive. 130k miles. For the last week I have smelled an antifreeze smell and my heater stopped working properly. It would blow cold and even cause my windshield to almost grease over. I thought ok, its my heater coil. Yesterday I was driving and all of the sudden my engine went hot and my oil light came on. I immediately pulled over and my engine was out of oil. I am just now 3,000 miles since my last oil change. I looked in the coolant reservoir and it was almost full. I put oil in it and slowly drove it home. The temp gauge was hotter than normal but not in the red. Today I looked under the vehicle and there is oil on the bottom of the vehicle. Also I am seeing some milky fluid that smells like antifreeze dripping from 2-3 places but I cant find a leak point. Its just coming from somewhere.. In addition to this, my antifreeze reservoir was empty. I poured an entire gallon of antifreeze in and the reservoir. is still empty. It all went right on in to the system. What could this be? Should I drive it to the shop? It is under a warranty but the shop is a good 45 miles from my home. What do you think it could be? Thanks in advance!

given the conditions supplied, not a common concern but it sounds like you have cracked a cylinder head. if just the head gasket was bad you would loses either or not both fluids.. again not common but have seen it happen, don't recommend driving it as further damage to the block could occur and they would blame it on customer abuse

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