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QUESTION: I have a 1992 Mustang 5.0 that runs fine except for one annoying event. When running at a constant speed on a level road the exhaust gas tempature starts to climb above 1300 degrees when the tachometer reaches 2200 rpm. The  higher the rpm the higher the tempature climbs. This is a concern to me because I don't want to damage the engine. There are no error codes and the emissions are far better than the state standard. For the life of me I can't figure what is causing it. If you could offer any suggestions I would appreciate it. If you have need for more specific information please email me.
Thanks for your help.

ANSWER: is your check engine light in ??? are there any modifications to the vehicle ??? the only thing that is gonna raise that temp is either converters that are starting to go bad, a misfiring engine or an engine running very lean

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QUESTION: Check engine lit no on. Dart 306 block, Canfield heads, Ford "E" cam. 80 mm proam 75 mm TB, cobra lower intake downs upper, Vortec "S" trim pullied for 5 lbs of boost, MSD 6 al with boost retard, 10 degrees initial and 38 max  advance at 3000rpm. Plugs all show light brown. No AFR gauge. Situation occurs when engine is not producing boost.

you have a tuner in this car i assume ??? if so, did you install it yourself ??? if not bring it to who did and have them back off the fuel input. reason being is, unburned fuel at cruise will dump in to the exhaust and raise the temp. in the long run- yes damage will occur.

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