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Dear DW,

I have a '90 Ranger XLT, 2.3L engine, 4 cylinder with 8 spark plugs.  It's been running fine, then one morning wouldn't start. Someone tried spraying ether into the intake manifold, and it started right up.  It gave a little cough - not a loud backfire - and though it seemed to be missing a little, I drove a few miles at 30mph.  It sat for an hour, and started back up just fine first crank.  The next morning, it wouldn't start again without the ether.  I replaced the fuel filter and checked the throttle position sensor, changed the spark plugs, which weren't fouled with oil or anything.  I used a fuel injector cleaner recommended by an auto parts guy. It still hesitates, sounds chuggy, but doesn't kill in idle.  Also, I went from spending $10 a week in gas to $10 every 2 days.  I checked for leaks - nothing. Am I correct in assuming that, if the fuel pump was bad, I couldn't be driving around town all day?  
I'm a 60 yr old lady who doesn't know anything about mechanics.  I can't afford to take it to a shop.  Any help you could give me will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

If it will start with ether, you most likely have a fuel delivery issue. When you changed the fuel filter, was black gas coming out of it? dark gas in the filter indicates lack of maintenace or a fuel pump wearing out. Checking the fuel pressure might reveal a pump issue. And check the fuel pump pressure regulator for fuel in the small vaccum line at the regulator: if there is fuel in that line the regulator is leaking into the intake air stream.

All the clues you gave point towards fuel delivery, I doubt there is any spark related problem at this time.  

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