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QUESTION: Is the positive battery terminal a replaceable piece so that I could replace the copper terminal only and leave the 2 red power cables alone?  Just replace the terminal only.

ANSWER: Hi sorry for the late response . You can replace just the terminals, but if this vehicle has any other cables attached to the terminals, they must also be attached to their respective cables. They sell aftermarket terminal replacements. You merely strip back two inches of cable from each existing cables and attach them to the replacement terminals.

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QUESTION: Thank you,  all I have found so far that may work for replacement cable end was at K-mart- it'll work but looks cheaply made.  I'll find something better.

 For the same car, 2005 ford 500, is it normal for the back brake rotor to turn with hands with some difficulty.  New rotors, calipers and pads.  After bleeding the right one turns o.k. but the drivers side I believe is too tight of clearance, causing tough turning by hand.  It turns but not easy.  Is this normal with new parts?  I have not blead the front calipers yet.  They will not be replaced.

There's 2 things you can check with that brake . First make sure the ebrake cable is full release. You'll see where it attaches to the caliper take a small screw drivers and small hammer and try to move the attaching point more rearward . Also, make sure sure the brake pads are free floating in their bracket. A lot of times rust will build up in the brackets and cause them to drag

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