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Ford Repair/1994 ford explorer intermittent hard starting


Bruce Tews wrote at 2010-08-27 01:15:42
I had a similar problem. It was my fuel pump relay, one of six relays in the fuse/relay box on the right (passenger side) under the hood.  You may buy replacement relays at Kragens for about $13.00 each.  I replaced all six of mine.  I have 180,000 miles on my explorer.

When mine would not start, I would open the hood, wiggle connections, tap the relays, and the vehicle always started immediately after my efforts.  BUT, I finally got a bit smarter (I think).  I would try to start the engine after these efforts but BEFORE closing the hood.  I believe closing the hood was enough of a jar to the relay to cause it to function again (or for awhile).  So, I found that tapping on just the fuel pump relay allowed the engine to start immediately.  By the way, the relays just pull out, but may seem stuck.  Just keep pulling vertically.

S. Shackelford wrote at 2012-10-27 23:56:15
Instructions are essentially correct on this post other than the remote should be a 3 button GQ4V141 STAMPED INTO THE REMOTE CASE.

You also may have to program it more than one time--first time I did it 15 foot range and lights did not come on inside when activated.   The remote has more than one code--owner manual explains all the functions and mine works from up to 50 feet---I did clean the battery connections and clean the inside of the remote itself completely.

In that compartment where the jack is at---all the way to the right are three plugs---two above a third one--you want the lower plug below the other two---on that plug at lower left corner is a blank socket opening in the plug: position/ use a metal paperclip bent in a U to jump the one just above the blank open socket point-- top left wire (gray with a yellow stripe) and the bottom right wire ( white ) the locks will cycle closed then open to signify programming mode. press the lock button on the remote. then press lock on your second remote both are now programmed. Turn the key to off and remove it and your paper clip jumper replace cover for jack and that's it.

Key to on but no so far it starts the truck.

Jumper in the pins so it connects both pins together (short).

Doors will cycle locked and unlocked.

Turn key off and remove and they will cycle again.

Check for functions with the remote: first unlock opens only the driver door and interior lights in the dome and front doors.

Second click of the unlock opens all doors.

Panic will cause horn to honk and headlights etc to flash.

S. Shackelford  

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