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Hank wrote at 2010-10-22 02:27:44
Yes I may have A Couple trouble shooting theory's,id it only occurs when hot it could be corrosion in the wiring to the system is affecting. Look at the wiring diagram that connect the component and trace it from there. This may give you a starting point.

iheartmytruck wrote at 2012-11-25 08:28:49
I also have a 86 ford f150 ,

And i have the same problems

I figured out the blinkers and heater will not work

If the key is turned too far back

Also heater will not get hot ( and my truck won't start)

When it is cold ,like you said 40 or lower

You have to let it warm up until the neddle

Is at least up to the C on the gauge. Hope this helps  

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