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mcsupersport wrote at 2007-12-31 23:43:37
The module is located behind the AC accumulator on the passenger side firewall.  According to Alldata the module is accessed through leaf screen on cowling of windshield.

Dave wrote at 2008-01-07 00:37:08
The ignition module on a 92 is mounted through the firewall (in the cowl void) on the RH side just above the A/C pressure fitting. All you will see is the connector with about 8 wires going into the firewall. Hope this helps. Ford quit putting them on the distributor due to all the problems with module failure due to heat and vibration. The module however was rarely a concern on these vehicles  though. Things like fuel pumps, pcm grounds and the pick up in the distributor were more often the cause.

jagtwlve wrote at 2008-12-08 11:26:39
The ignition module on the 1992 sable 3.8 is located on the passenger side firewall just below the windshield wiper cover area. The electrical connector of the module actually sticks out from the top area of firewall, but the unit is accessed by first removing the wiper access cover just below the windshield area.

otis wrote at 2009-07-20 15:51:21
Did you check on the firewall of the car? Check the frame of the car? Ford is very sneakie when it come to hiding parts to the engine. You have to be smarter than the average rock in your driveway. Ford mechanics are lazy when it comes to puttings engine parts where the Ford Manual says it is but it's NOT! You'll have to find your ignition module on your own because Ford won't tell you (for FREE) and that BOZO answer man doesn't even have a clue about a Ford, Chevy, Saturn or a VW.

ls wrote at 2011-05-16 21:33:16
it is located in the firewall on the passioner side under the windshield. two bolts hold it in, lift the windsheld wiper screen to remove it.

shadowhunter2003 wrote at 2013-11-05 16:00:53

I know ware it's at and it took me the better part of a day to find it.

It's located on the top part of the firewall on the passenger side and if you look between the hood and the windshield look just under the wiper ware the plastic vent that goes between the windshield and firewall is you can actually see a thick chunk of aluminum it is mounted to that on the bottom side of the aluminum it's a heat sink and hides the icm very well.

to remove the icm you will need to follow these steps.

Remove the rubber seal from the top part of the firewall below the windshield.

Remove the plastic shield that covers the firewall on the engine compartment.

open the passenger door and close the hood turn on the windshield wipers to make them go straight upright position and turn off the ignition so they stay up.

Ok next theirs a plastic part between the firewall and windshield to remove it have the hood closed and passenger door open theirs 4 screws between the hood and windshield and one between the passenger door and fender. remove the plastic vent looking thing.

now open the hood and look ware the wires go into the firewall with 2 nuts attached to 2 bolts are at remove the wires and nuts.

remove the big aluminum chunk turn it over face palm then scratch your head and ask yourself how many of these cars were sent to the junkyard because of people not being able to find this unit to replace it.  

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