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Foreclosure/Trailer on my property with unpaid taxes and vacant..


QUESTION: I have a trailer on my lot that is vacant from owner and needs some reapair.. The trailer has 8000 dollars in upaid taxes and is only valued at 4000 on tax appraisal.. I would like to repair and resell trailer but am told I have to pay the 8000 dollars in unpaid taxes first..  If the original owner does not pay his taxes and has not for 7 years when will ownership change on the trailer?   Such as county taking over trailer so they can either auction it off or move it?   I am not being paid rent for the land so I either want it off my property or I take ownership of trailer so I can sell it..   Please let me know if there is a way for a buyer such as myself to own the trailer but not pay someones debt off in the process?

ANSWER: Good morning and thank you for your question!

So, this trailer is located on your property, yet is owned by someone else?  Was it there when you purchased the land or was it moved there after the fact?  It is permanently affixed with a foundation?  How long has it been vacant?  

Have you checked the county tax records to see if it has been foreclosed on(yet not gotten through the system yet?)  Is there any notice posted on the trailer?

I would consult with a Realtor in your area to check the status of it and also what your specific state laws say.  

I hope this helps some.  Please feel free to call me at 919-323-0980.

Thanks, Tonya!!

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QUESTION: Thanks Tonya...

Yes trailer was already on lot but lot is right next to other property I have so I bought the lot.. I knew the folks that used to live there but now it is vacant..  The tax office shows it under the original owner name still and still has his 8 years of debt on there.. They ran it in a tax auction a year ago but no one bid because it is not worth the 8 thousand dollars in debt that is still owed..  There is another tax auction next month but the trailer is not listed on this auction.   I went to ask at tax office and they said the only way you can take ownership of trailer is if someone pays off all the debt in full and I do not want to pay that much for the trailer.. IF they reduced it by some percentage then I would be interested..  I live in Texas and since I am the land owner now I would like to put some pressure on them to sell it or move it..

I am guessing the trailer is registered throguh the DMV and does not have a permanant foundation.  The link below speaks to trailers that have a tax lien.  I honestly don't know what you can do and again, I would consult a Realtor or attorney, or perhaps the sheriff.  

I am so sorry that I could not be more help.


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