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Foreclosure/loan mod and bankruptcy


Hey Steele,
I've been in this loan mod process with B of A for about 10 months. Recently they said I was DENIED.  However, on the same phone call they said,  "Would you like to see if I can reinstate the process?"  So I resubmitted all the financials again. Not sure if they're doing the HAMP or some other thing now.

Anyway, I recently received a notice that my house is scheduled for AUCTION sometime in December. My B of A contact wants to see the notice.  So I guess she isn't aware of that.  Also, could that just be junk mail?  Looks real!

Now I'm thinking I have to file bankruptcy to stop the foreclosure all this tons of junk mail is telling me, from lawyers.  Bankruptcy might be a necessary evil, as I have about $60K in bad creditcard debt.  Some has already been ajudicated. SoI guess there's liens on my house.  I have two houses, so not sure which one. (If any)  

Question, Would bankruptcy kill my chances for a loan modification, or would that actually work in my favor by getting bad debt off my back?  Also, in bankruptcy, can the judge get rid of debt that has already been decided and consequent liens if any?


Normally if you are in Bankruptcy any work with the lender goes on hold.  The modification is stopped as well as the foreclosure.  And most lenders will file to get the foreclosure going

They won't be doing the same for the modification.

Since departments within a lender don't always have the greatest communication with each other I would send a copy of the notice to your contact.

Personally I would use BK as more of a last resort.


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