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Foreclosure/Advice on options for housing after foreclosure


Forgive me if this question/letter becomes long. I need you because I have very little knowledge in regards to real-estate. I'm a 19 year old getting ready to take care of his family. Here's an overview of my situation followed by my question(s).
I'm not completely filled in, but I know we paid a mortgage to our house and my dad stopped doing that. My mom and dad are divorcing and going their separate ways. My 18 y/o brother and I will be moving with my mom. My father makes good money. My mom and brother work for a temp staffing agency making around 1k a month each. I am a nursing student at a vocational school and I am working part-time in retail.
Mom, brother and I agree that if the 3 of us move together it would be easier on us as we contribute money to rent.

I'm not sure if we will be "kicked out" in 6 months, 3 months, or even less, but I am trying to take some initiative on seeing what are options for my "new" family and our new home wherever that may be.
What can you tell me about low-income housing, in South Florida? That's all I can think of. What are other options you can tell me about? I would really like some advice/tips, information on how we would qualify or be better eligible. Where to look and get more info...
Everybody says "ask Google" but I haven't come up with the right questions and thats why I hope I can get answers from you by also explaining my situation.
I, on my own, was homeless before and stayed in a shelter but I dont want the 3 of us going through that.

So please, advise me on what to do as my divorced mother, working brother, and myself -as a student on minimum wage- can do to prepare for finding a new place to reside that fits our income.

There's times I'm scared because my dad wants to be out of the picture and my mom and brother make good money's a staffing agency. They have what they call they're "good times & bad times".. so I fear that If they're not making money -it's all on me.

Maybe my question is: in one of the worse case scenarios;
What and where could I rent with an income estimated at 400, maybe $500 a month.

Your input means a lot to me. I was a screw up as an adolescent but I'm back in school and working. I finish a nursing assisting class this month (November) and will go into nursing soon. Making $9 hourly as a CNA is better than 7.79 here in south Florida, but even that may still be tough.

Looking forward to your advice.
Thanks much!

Best Regards,

Kevin W.

hi Kevin my name is JD Clardy and I would liketo try and answer your question.bare with me in that I have several questions that I need to ask you in order to help you in the best way that I long has it been since a payment was made on the house that you're living in now?also do you have a desire to stay in this home if possible?I also need to know the amount of the monthly payment to include taxes and insurance on the house that you're living in I also need to know the name or names of the people who own the house and are subsequently on the mortgage and the deed.this might turn out to be a very good opportunity for you and your family if we play our cards right.hope to hear from you soon.


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