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Foreclosure/Buying from Sheriff's Auction


I am looking at buying a house at the county sheriff sale. I have done extensive research on the home. In my county you have to pay 10% at the auction, and the rest within 30 days, and being pre-approved for the loan was permissable from what I was told.

My question revolves around the loan. Does that initial 10% in any way go towards the loan? Say my winning bid is 80k, I pay my 8k that day, obviously my loan with be for 72k. Does that 8k count as 10% down on my loan, since its really own a placeholder on my loan, or do i have to come up with an additional 7200 for the lender to have 10% down on the loan?

Hey Alex,

Whenever you buy a home at an auction, the money that you put down is a deposit and goes towards the purchase price of the home. You deposit also counts as your down payment, or part of it depending on how much you are needing to put down.

Good luck at the auction.



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