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Foreclosure/Can I lease with an option to purchase my mortgaged home


I am selling my home that I purchased in 2007 and would like to know what kind of options are available.
  First of all my mortgage has been modified under HAMP, does that make a difference?  It is For Sale by Owner, and I believe I have it priced for a quick sale at $100,000 based on other recently sold homes and what is available at this time.  
  If it does not sell quickly, can I rent or lease it?  What about Lease with an Option to Buy?  
  I live on a main thorough fare and have it listed on, but was wondering how much advantage an MLS would provide.  
  I am new at this, so any thoughts, ideas, advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance for being a wonderful person willing to assist others.

To my understanding there are no restrictions on selling if a loan has been modified.  But you may want to do a quick read over of your loan documents just to make sure.  And as long as you are making your payments I believe you can also rent/lease the property.

Zillow is fine but MLS is best (IMHO).  There are fee for services real estate companies in most areas so you may want to consider that if you wish to save money.  However, if your house is in MLS you will need to offer a competitive commission to agents with buyers.  It is generally well worth it to also have an agent on your side as well.  As a newbie you will probably net less selling yourself than if you listed the property.  Again, my opinion.

Commissions can vary from company to company so shop around for the best rate for the best service.

Best of luck in selling.



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