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Foreclosure/FHA appraisal inspection concern


QUESTION: I am trying to purchase a home in Iowa that was converted into a duplex at one point. It is now a single family home with full access to every room but it has a 2nd kitchen upstairs and the FHA inspection says it needs removed. They won't give any more details other than "not a kitchen in their eyes".  I did a search and found this: "To pass an FHA inspection, a kitchen must be equipped for an occupant to prepare and cook a meal. The only appliance necessary to meet that requirement is a free-standing stove." With this said, would it not satisfy them by removing the stove?  I can have a sink and fridge in the basement without it being considered a kitchen, I should be able to keep them in there.  The cabinets and counter shouldn't be a problem either.  Am I wrong??  If the house was separated permanently with a wall and access to each was only from the outside I understand, but this is not the case.  To me this is a convenience for me to not have to go up and down the stairs to get a drink out of the fridge or wash my hands if the bathroom is being used, etc.

ANSWER: Good morning and thank you for your question!!!

The FHA laws regarding stoves has changed a bit and is now not required for a house to pass inspection.  Your problem is there is one there and you don't need it.  Has your Buyers agent contacted the appraiser to ask what they need to see or not see to make this work?  Is this bank owned or a private seller?

My suggestion would be to find out what the appraiser needs to see or not see to make this appraisal go through. Once you have that knowledge, let the seller know.

With an FHA appraisal, it will "stay with the house" for 6 months, so if your loan does not go through,the next buyer with an fha loan, will have the same issues.

I hope that helps!!!  Let me know if you need additional help!!!

Hope you had a wonderful Independence day!!!!


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It is a short sale so the bank had to approve my offer.  My broker stated all that needed changed was the MLS listing to a single family home.  I mentioned  removing the stove and refrigerator and my real estate agent said he talked to him and said that would be good, but I am not sure if he was talking about my broker or the appraiser!  I have been doing this deal since I put the offer in on April 24th and am really frustrated because I am told everything is approved providing I provide documentation for these 5 things, then they want something else, then they want something else, and now the kitchen deal and "possible mold" deal and paint chipping on one wall in the basement... all at my expense and time if I want to buy this house...  It got ridiculous a few weeks ago, this is just over the top frustrating!

Short Sales can be a very long process and you really need patience.  They can take anywhere form 3 months to a year, and sometimes beyond.  I just closed a short sales last week that took 9 months and 2 days!!!

I would ask your broker who "he" is and if the mls listing was changed to a single family home, would that solve the problem?  If not, ask your buyers agent if the sellers could remove the refrigerator/stove so this can go proceed.

What is the age of the house?  If built prior to 1978, there is a possibility of lead base paint and if you have peeling/chipping paint, that will need to be taken care of#painting over it#.  If there is mold, that will certainly need to be taken care of.

As you probably know, the seller is asking the bank to accept "short" or less than what they owe on the house and could sell it for, without having to bring money to closing#which they don't have.#  That also means they may not have the money for the required repairs.  

Did you see the peeling paint prior to making an offer?  Did you notice any mold?

My advice is to get the required documentation as quickly as possible#that is the lending environment we are in today#.  Ask your buyers agent to clarify if the listing agent will change the listing to single family and if they will remove stove and refrigerator?

Has the seller provided all that they need to provide to the bank?  Has there been a notice put on the door of the house regarding foreclosure?

You can also e-mail me directly at

I hope this helps!!!


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