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Foreclosure/uncooperative mortgage servicer



I am in a huge mess! My mortgage servicer is blocking my every attempt to get a loan modification- it's a long story.

My question is about HAMP- if a company received bailout money, are they required to participate in HAMP?

Also, can you recommend any resources for me to educate myself on what I'm up against?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Katie,

I understand your frustration. Usually only 10% of loan modifications actually get approved so you are not alone. Usually the servicers want to participate in HAMP as they get paid a bonus for doing so. The individual investors who own the note are not required to participate.

Remember the banks are not modifying the loan to help you. They modify to help themselves. If the numbers do not work out in their favor then they don't approve the loan modification. There are lots of blogs out there that state what different servicers are doing. The best thing to do is to google HAMP loan modification guidelines and get educated on what you need to do to get approved. I hope that that helps.



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