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When party foreclosing on a home has only "business records" to establish status as beneficiary, what records will a pro-bank judge consider satisfactory? If it is just a recent picture of the servicer's computer screen that shows the bank name as the investor, is that good enough?

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I'm not an attorney, so I can only offer my onion. I think the bank must produce a copy of the records at the court house, in order to prove they in fact have a vested interest in the property, who is to say that the house has not already been paid off (therefore I would insist on having a complete copy of all payment records which you are entitled to see) Do not let the bank bully you and get away with not being challenged. I have heard of many cases where the bank tried to foreclose, without having the original documents because the original loan along with its file had been sold several times and got lost somewhere along the way. Therefore the judge would not allow the foreclosure to go through. It is similar to you saying that you own your neighbors house next door and having only a piece of paper (a copy of which is in your computer) stating you do, but not having it recorded at the court house. How could you prove the document to be true. I would like very much to hear back from you about the outcome, if the ruling goes against you, I think you could appeal. I could offer a lot more advice if I knew more about the situation, like do you live in the home and is it yours etc. My background is a consumer advocate and stopping foreclosures or postponing them or even a planned euthanasia. Good Luck!


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