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QUESTION: Is it possible to find the final winning bids for non-judicial public foreclosure home auctions? These are the trustee sales that occur after the notice of defaults are given. Did some searching thru google but it doesn't seem to be available.

ANSWER: Hey Phil,

You are correct. The banks do not want published what they sold their homes for through auction as it puts them in a bad spot in the future. They won't allow their prices to be published publicly. they keep track internally. I wish I could help you more. What you are asking for is valuable information if it were available.


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QUESTION: Brian, thanks for the response. To follow up, they can't simply hide this info, and it must be recorded publicly somehow with the county, right? If I check with county records, what sort of forms or info should I ask for?

ANSWER: Hey Phil,

In Utah, we are a non disclosure state so there are not any records kept on sales prices other then the MLS for Realtors. There really isn't a use for a database on what stuff is selling for at the auction because every day is different.

Maybe I can help you another way... Why are you looking for that information? Maybe there is another direction that I can point you in depending on what you are really trying to find out.


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QUESTION: Brian, thanks for the follow up. There'll be some trustee auctions for high end homes in the Seattle area this summer. These are homes where there are little doubt that it's been maintained, unlike most of these auctions, & can provide a nice bargain for the buyer. I want to find out what these higher end homes have been going for in these auctions. It's useful info for the bidder to have.

Hey Phil,

The strategy that most take when it comes to these auctions is to get the list of what is going to be auctioned and do some market research on what it is worth as a retail transaction. Then you show up to the auction to bid on them. If the value is there then but it. If its not then don't. Just because a home sold at auction before, doesn't mean that it won't sell for more or less the next time. The most determining factor is the demand for the investors for that day. That changes everytime. I have purchased at auctions before and that is the strategy that I use.

Some banks will put a mimimum bid on the property and you can see it the day before. However sometimes the day of that lower that minimum bid and if you haven't done your research on that property then you will miss out on a great deal.

I wish you luck!
Sometimes you can get a better deal on a short sale that is going because you won't have the competition and you can inspect the property and everything before you buy. Hope that helps.



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